The caravan of life shall always pass, Enjoy and behold every breath spent with song and dance! Let’s not worry about what tomorrow's competitors will amass! Fill my cup again oh wine bearer for this night too shall pass, alas!

-Omar Khayam

My Son, Arman Sharif (3 years old) Playing Tempo (Darabuka) for the first time!

ریتم قدیمی کاباره

به یاد استاد حسین همدانیان، روحش شاد و یادش گرامی

I have purchased this old Qajar era Zarb, it is over 80 years old and sounds fantastic! It is entirely carved by hand and has the right sound and dimensions... I hope to put some recordings of it here soon, stay tuned for more info on this later...

A solo I recorded up north near the Caspian sea, due to the humidity the skin on the drum is a bit looser than normal but I thought I would share it nevertheless...

20 Pieces for Zarb
بیست قطعه برای ضرب

17 Pieces for Zarb
هفده قطعه برای ضرب

برگرفته و بر اساس قطعه معروف گفتگوی چپ و راست استاد عزیزم آقای بهمن رجبی

شیرزاد شریف - برگرفته و بر اساس بازی تخته نرد

A percussive duet with Shirzad Sharif & Mary Ellen Donald live in Berkeley, CA

قطعه ای برگرفته از موسیقی رنگی دوران قاجار و گذشت زمان در طول تاریخ

In celebration of the 1395 Persian New Year, Shirzad made this video, depicting new years (Norooz) preperation in Tehran, Iran.

...تدوین و برگرفته از تاريخ ايران در دوران قاجار

Working on an upcoming concept all percussive album... titled the "Dance of Rhythms"... مقدمات آلبوم جدیدم چیده شده و آماده است

شیرزاد شریف و دوستان - ضربی خوانی به شیوه طهران قدیم