شهلا شریف


Shahla is one of the best fitness trainers of Iran, the above plaques of appreciation, honors & medals were awarded to her by the Tehran Municipality and other organizations in recognition of her help in promoting healthy living and fitness through-out the city.

The above tree was also dedicated to My Wife and was named after her for her hard work in promoting sports throughout the city. It is located in a park in Tehran called Azadegan!

Shahla who is my personal fitness trainer as well has really inspired me to get in good shape, I love you so much! You inspire me to be a better man!!

تو كوچه هاي اين شهر پر از دل سياهه
بسپار به من دلت رو تا عشق خيلي راهه

تو اين هياهوى شهر گم ميشه هر كى خامه
مي ره به دنبال عشق اما يه وقت تو چاهه

يه راه بلد ميخواستي منم چراغ راهت
تو اين سياهي شب دلم برات يه ماهه

راه نفس گير عشق خيلي دور و درازه
بدون كه اين فاصله قد يه بار نگاهه

محرم اسرار عشق اگر شدي عاشقي
و گرنه باز دل تو غريب و بي پناهه

تقديم به عشق ابديم شيرزادم شهلاي شيدا

May we have a long happy blessed life together! Insha'Allah!

The Khedivate of Egypt (Arabic: الخديوية المصرية‎) - (Egyptian Khaganate) - Coat of Arms

The Sultanate of Egypt (Arabic: السلطنة المصرية‎) - Coat of Arms

Ismail Hussein Chirine was a royal Egyptian diplomat. He served as commander in chief of the Egyptian army. His ancestors had relations to Muhammad Ali dynasty.

Fawzia Fuad - Queen consort of Iran

Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi

• Turkish (was the official language of the Egyptian Royal Court and Egypts elite, the other being French)