Shirzad Sharif

Prince of Persia - شاهزاده ایران زمین

Shirzad Sharif born 19th of September 1977 to parents Malek M. Sharif & Alicia Durazo Sharif. Shirzad by birth descends from a long successive lineage of Persian royal ancestry and as such holds the imperial title of Prince of Persia.

Shirzad Sharif lives in Tehran, Iran.

Iran is a country in Central Asia and Western Asia, also referred to as Persia. Both "Persia" and "Iran" are used interchangeably in cultural contexts; however, "Iran" is the name used officially in political contexts. Tehran is the capital, the country's largest city and the political, cultural, commercial and industrial centre of the nation.

Tehran is a big city & everyday life is not that different from life in any other large city around the world. With a population of around 9 million in the city and 16 million in the wider metropolitan area, Tehran is the most populous city of Iran, the 2nd-most populous city in Western Asia and the 3rd-largest metropolitan area in the Middle East. It is home to many historical collections, such as the royal complexes & famous landmarks.

On this page you will find periodic photos of my life in Iran.