Top Awards and Highest Honors

Performing with Grandmaster Ostad Farhang Sharif

Participation in XVI International Percussion Festival at Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico (2010)

Honored by Ferdowsi Society (2009)

Honored to have been invited to walk the Red Carpet in Paris, France at the WAALM Golden Lioness Awards.

Statement Issued Endorsing the WAALM Golden Lioness Awards:

"I would like to thank the 'The Persian Golden Lioness' awards for actively recognizing and honoring Persian artists and musicians some whom have no other hope of being recognized for the amazing work of art they create in this world. Bringing people together to celebrate & appreciate culture, life and art is a noble endeavor which bridges differences and unites people of different beliefs and backgrounds in celebration of their history, identity and culture. May the Persian Golden Lioness award continue to shed light on the magnificence & beauty of Persian works of art & their creators."

Shirzad Sharif, Persian Percussionist,
Producer & Musical Director