Shirzad Sharif

Epic Fantasy, Mythical & Mystical Middle Eastern Song & Dance!

Imperial Sublime Persian & Egyptian Bellydance

Raqs Baladi Bellydance Percussionist & Lutist

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Shirzad Sharif's Primary Bio Rhythms

Shirzad Sharif's Secondary Bio Rhythms

Shahla Sharif's Primary Bio Rhythms

Shahla Sharif's Secondary Bio Rhythms

Shirzad Sharif is a Muslim (Iranian \ American) Prince Sultan Imperial and by birth descends from a long successive lineage of Persian Imperial Royalty (Pahlavi & Qajar Dynasties) dating back to descendants of Imam al-Hassan ibn Ali (a) from the Sacred Bloodline of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from the Quraysh Tribe.

He was born to Iranian \ American parents and was raised in a highly privileged family closely related to the Shahanshah ("King of Kings") Aryamehr ("Light of the Aryans") of Iran, As such holds the Imperial title of Prince Imperial of Persia, Prince Imperial of the United States of America and Prince Imperial of All of Egypt (SA-RA) & Arabia (Amir).

His Official Title is: His Imperial Highness (والاحضرت همایونی سلطان میرزا شیرزاد خان شریف). He can also be considered an Imam-Zadeh (امام زاده).

He was fortunate enought to have been raised in an acclaimed musical family in Iran which has nurtured the likes of Legendary Tar ("Persian Lute") Grand Master Ostad Mirza Farhang Khan Sharif.

Shirzad Sharif's wife Sultan Khanum Jamileh Shahla Sharif also performs Middle Eastern Raqs Baladi Bellydance and goes by the stage name of Salome (Little Egypt), Sheyda, Fati Zangi, Jamileh, Sultan Khanum Jamileh (سلطان خانم جمیله), Sultan Khanum Jamileh means Beautiful Sultana Queen.

Shirzad has his own unique style which he learned from his grandmother and performs one of the oldest and most authentic styles of Persian drumming which was almost extinct & was strictly within the domain of the Imperial Court Musicians of Tarab & Bellydancers (Raqs Baladi) of Persia, Egypt & Beyond!

Shirzad was exposed to the intricacies of Persian classical music since early childhood and was fortunate to have studied humanities and the Tonbak drum under the supervision of Tonbak Grand Master Ostad Bahman Rajabi in Iran & Middle Eastern Percussion & the Egyptian Feminine Divine Concepts of Raqs Baladi Style Bellydance Tambourine & Doumbek with Grand Master Ostad Mary Ellen Donald in the United States of America.

Shirzad is very adept at playing the Egyptian Raqs Baladi style of Tambourine ("الرق").

As of late Shirzad only performs Middle Eastern Raqs Baladi Dance Music.

Raqs Baladi translates as "Do you know how to dance?" (Boys ask Girls). This song & dance form is considered Most Sacred and Sublime Song and Dance through-out history!

The Sharif Family Sultanate:

The Sharif Family Ancestry (بزرگ خاندان شریف)

The Durazo Family Ancestry (بزرگ خاندان دورازو)

Shirzad Sharif - Prince Sultan Imperial of Persia (شاهزاده ایران زمین)

Shahla Sharif - Princess Sultana Imperial of Persia (شاهزاده خانم ایران زمین)

Arman Sharif - Prince Sultan Imperial of Persia (شاهزاده ایران زمین)

Sharif Family Musical Legacy:

Read about Grandmaster Ostad Farhang Sharif & Authentic Persian Music!

My Instruments:

Zills \ سنچ \ زنگ سر انگشتی

The Middle Eastern Tambourine \ Riqq \ الرق

The Tonbak Instrument \ Zarb \ تنبک

The Tanbur Instrument / سازهای زهی

Musical Projects Information:

Sublime Imperial Persian-Egyptian Bellydance Music

Amir Ehsan Aghaie (Tar) & Shirzad Sharif (Zarb) - Persian Authentic Music

Alan Kushan (Customized Santur) & Shirzad Sharif (Zarb)

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Get to know & listen to Persian Fusion Jazz (Allstar Lineup)

Get to know & listen to Persian Fusion Electronica (Som'ma)

Persian & Middle Eastern Gothic Art & Music (Darkside)

Get to know & listen to Persian Sufi Music and Sufi Mystical Concepts


Top Awards and Highest Honors

Press and Media Coverage

Imperial Life:

Iran - The Empire of the Sun

Royal Duties and Daily Routine

The Sublime Imperial State of Persia

The Imperial Office of Shirzad Sharif

The Imperial Orders & Decorations Collection of Shirzad Sharif

Warrior Culture (Alexander, Ghengis Khan, Nader Shah, Napolean, Hitler)

What is a Sword?

Historical Persian Martial Arts - ورزش های ایران باستان

Razmafzar (Historical Persian Martial Arts)

Royal Armoury of Shirzad Sharif

Imperial Knowledge:

Persian Art and Way of Life and Shirzad Sharif's Way of Thinking

Seeing Islamic Beauty - دیدن زیبایی های اسلامی

Centers of Learning and Sciences in the Muslim World!

Imperial Families:

The Imperial Families and Cultures of the World

Imperial Matters of Faith:

The Sacred Tantric Ways

The Ancient Magi Ways - آیین دیرینه مغان

The Ancient Mobedan Ways - آیین دیرینه موبدان

The Ten Commandments - ده فرمان

The Miraculous Power of Holy Water (ALCHEMY -> DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT THIS!!!)

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Being Immortal and Paying Alms (Zakat)

Passing On \ The Hereafter \ Afterlife \ The Rapture \ آخرت

Apocalypse \ آخرالزمان

The End of The World \ Armageddon \ پایان جهان

Illuminati \ نظم جهانی

The Golden Rules of Karma - کاره ما

The Throne - عرش

Secret Islamic rituals (Wazaif), prayers (Dua), practices (Amaliyat) & Talismans (Telesm)

Imperial Lifestyle:

Shirzad Sharif's Estate (My Home)

The Imperial Carriage, Royal Automobiles, Cars & The Imperial Family of China

The Planned Sharif Family Castle

Luxury Lifestyle \ زندگی لاکچری

Turbans - دستار و عمامه

Agrabah \ عقربه

Kingdom of Corona & Coronavirus \ ویروس و سرزمین کرونا

Arabian Nights Fantasy! (1001 Nights)

The Imperial Harem

The Pharaohic Lifestyle - زندگی به سبک فرعونها

The Griffin with Sword - شیردال با شمشیر

Golden Dragon Imperial Insignia

Royal Portraits Throughout History

Tattoos and Royalty: An Ancient Colourful Tradition

The Imperial & Royal Jewellery Collection

Imperial Family Matters:

The Sharif Family Library

The Together Family

Letter to our Future Descendants

Imperial Art & Festivities:

Ancient Persian Art - هنر ایران باستان

The Golden Crown Acrojet Team

The Adventures of Shirzad and His Magical Sword!

Art After The Islamic Republic Revolution

Persian Fashion Statement & Trends After the Qajar Dynasty

Hatred Towards Art, Culture and Police Brutality

Keepers of Persian Culture, Song & Dance

Raqs Baladi Song and Dance:

The Sun and Moon Dance!

The Divine Feminine and Goddesses of Love!

The Simsimmiya Egyptian Harp!

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The Dances of the Persian Empire!

The Forbidden Dance of Afghanistan (Mast Qataqani)!

The Dances of India!

Imperial Musical Knowledge:

What is Riyaaz?

How to Perform Music (OBSOLETE -> DO NOT DO THIS-> For Reference Only - Considered Occult Practices - HARAM or FORBIDDEN)

Read All About Artistic Innovation!

Read All About Grandmaster Mary Ellen Donald's School of Thought!

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Read All About Celestial Persian Music & Shirzad's Research On This Topic! (OBSOLETE -> DO NOT DO THIS-> For Reference Only - Considered Occult Practices - HARAM or FORBIDDEN)